From Inside the Rhymes of High Caliber Sounds

Coloquio Internacional

Comunidad como desafío de vida, es el coloquio internacional que se llevo a cabo por la UNSAM

“I couldn’t believe how my life has changed
Still I don’t understand how something like this could happen
(Monday morning) it was everything  ready on Monday morning
A sunny day and all rough
From a good party I came
Without realizing I´d meet a fool
Wordlessly we started to discuss
But something happened and his death came
But what an  irony…, an excellent day
I was going to end in the police department
I couldn’t believe what started
At the end of the year I’m in this cold cell thinking
About  my family and brothers.
Twenty days  has passed from all that blew.
And the preventive prison came and a transfer came too
The 48th is my destiny, like I were a pilgrim
The day I got a lot of people I¨ve  found
Each one with his problems and in their families thinking
In all of what was left behind

An idea of:
Macela H. García – Marcelo Gudiño – Diego Sethson
General coordination:
Macelo Gudiño
Executive production
Marcela H. García
Directed by
Diego Sethson

From Inside the Rhymes of High Caliber Sounds
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